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18th May 1937 - Wasserbillig (L)

Academic Education

Law, PhLL (Universities : Strasbourg and Paris)

Political Sciences, MA (Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris)

National Politics

Prime Minister, Minister of State (1984-1995)

Minister of Finance and Treasury (1984-1995)

Minister of Culture (1989-1995)

Minister of Finance, Employment and Social Security (1979-1984)

Secretary of State for Employment, Social Affairs and Culture (1972-1974)

Member of Parliament (1974-1979)

European Politics

President of the European Commission (1995-1999)

Member of the European Parliament (1974-1979 and 1999-2004)

Vice-President of the European Parliament (1975-1977)

Representative of the Prime Minister at the Convenion of the Future of Europe (2002-2003)

Party Politics

President of the Christian Social Party (PCS-CSV) from 1974 to 1982;

Secretary General of the Party (1972-1974)

President of  the EPP - European People's Party (1987-1990)

President of  the Supervisory Board of Christian Labour Union (1969-1972)

Other Activities

President of  the Robert Schuman Foundation since 2003

President of  the Academy for European Law (ERA) since 2000

President of  the SME-Union

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