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Seven Christian Democrats, all Members of the European Parliament. signed in 1989, in Luxembourg city the Statute establishing the Robert Schuman Foundation: Egon Alfred Klepsch, EPP Group Chairman in the European Parliament; Consul Horst Langes, Andrea Bonetti, Conçeptio Ferrer, Johanna Maij-Weggen, Nicolas Estgen, Françisco Lucas Pires.


The Board of the Foundation was chaired by Horst Langes, former State Secretary in Mainz Administration of the Land Government of Helmut Kohl. The German specialist financier, Karl Colling was the Secretary General. His successor was the former Member of the European Parliament, from 2004, Giacomo Santini from Upper Italy, who is known his locality as a sports reporter on bicycle racing. In the foundational period a number of well known Members of the European Parliament were called upon to serve in the Supervisory Council, totalling fifteen persons, prominently former Group Chairmen: Pierre Pflimlin, Emilio Colombo, Hans-August Lücker and Paolo Barbi.

The work of the Robert Schuman Foundation (RSF) has developed in stages over the 15 years since its inception. Back then, the German CDU politician Egon A. Klepsch, the then Chairman of the Group of the European People's Party in the European Parliament, had the exciting idea of a ‘foundation', and quickly enlisted the most faithful friends of Europe. This resulted, not least, from a particular trend in the behaviour of the Christian Democrats in the preceding years. Klepsch and leading members of the EPP Group from various countries had since 1984 been taking their own delegations to the heart of the crises. For instance, they travelled through Poland when it was still suffering as a result of martial law.
Subsequently, they foresaw what would be in store for them in the event of democratic changes. They established an EPP-based foundation, comprising EPP members, to support democracy in Latin America, Africa and, above all, Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. A little later, this foundation was named after the ‘Father of Europe', Robert Schuman.