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The aim of the programme is a familiarisation with the functioning of a multi-national parliamentary group and with the relationships between the European institutions, European Parliament, European Commission and Council.

The programme is designed to satisfy the needs of EPP sister parties for people equipped with an understanding of the way the principal actors in each of the institutions interface with one another in the day to day work of shaping policies.

The duration of the stage is one month, three weeks spent in Brussels and a fourth in Strasbourg.

The stage begins within an induction about the functioning and history of the parliamentary Group, and of the European institutions. The stagiaire is encouraged to make the acquaintance of parliamentarians who are significant for his or her country's accession to the European Union. The stage includes briefings with specialist desk officers in the European Commission, NATO, the North Atlantic Assembly and other organisations and lobby groups which are relevant to the general formation of the stagiaire. The stage is often tailored to the particular interests of the stagiaire. The stagiaire has the opportunity to modify the content of the stage during the programme.

The candidate for a stage submits an application by letter to the Secretary General of the Robert Schuman Foundation, at the European Parliament, 47-53 Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Brussels, Belgium.

The letter must be accompanied by the following documents:

- a reference from a member of the Presidency of the EPP sister party

- a reference from a person of consequence who knows the candidate well

- a curriculum vitae which clearly shows that the candidate is an active member of the EPP sister party, possesses a university degree, is aged not more than thirtyfive years, and is competent in at least one west European language

Applications may be submitted at any time. Procedure for the approval of applications has a duration of between four and eight weeks. Availability depends on demand for places at the time of approval of the application.


Each stagiaire is reimbursed on arrival with the cost of a return air fare between his or her place of origin and Brussels.

Accommodation in Brussels and Strasbourg is provided free of charge to the stagiaire.

Stagiaires enjoy free accident and health insurance from the commencement of the stage until the termination of the stage.

The second class return rail fare between Brussels and Strasbourg is reimbursable.A stipend of €250 weekly is paid during the one-month stage.

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