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The Board of the Robert Schuman Foundation at it's meeting; 9 March 2010 approved the project activities in Moldova and Ukraine 2010 by Mr. Norbert Neuhaus.


Since 2001, more than 1.500 young people used the summer universities of Noua Generatia (Republic of Moldova) to study the values of Christian Democracy. The Summer-Universities were first organized at the proposal of the special advisor of the Robert Schuman-Foundation for Moldova and Ukraine, Dr. Norbert Neuhaus. The conferences are meanwhile published in a book in Romanian language, which is also translated into Russian and Ukrainian.

In cooperation with the Moldavian Institute for Sustainable Regional and Administrative Development (IDRAD) the Robert Schuman Foundation trains mayors and local politicians to fulfil their difficult task in the poorest country of Europe in seminars, meetings and visits, since 2007. The aim is to teach about the West-European know-how on local affairs and adapt it to Moldavian traditions in a real situation in the country in order to help the mayors to develop strategic plans for their communities.


Since 2006, the Robert Schuman-Foundation has intensified its cooperation with several political and social groups in the Ukraine: Churches, political parties, Youth-movements, employees of local and regional administrations. During the 2nd Social-Ecumenical Week in Lviv in October 2009 was officially presented the Ukrainian version of the book "Values of Christian Democracy".


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