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The Institute dr. Janez Evangelist Krek (IJEK) in May 2010 published the book titled "20th anniversary of Slovenian Christian Democrats" to celebrate this important anniversary for Slovenian Christian democracy and Slovenian independence.



The authors are the first Prime Minister of independent Republic of Slovenia Lojze Peterle, christian democratic Ministers of the first Slovenian government, leader of the group of Slovenian Christian Democrats in National Assembly, first Mayor of Ljubljana - the Capital City of Slovenia, some representatives of local branches. Each of them write the part of the book from his own perspective, from his own view of the time when Slovenia was getting its independence and founding the Slovenian Christian Democrats. The importance of the book is the knowledge and understanding the times of the Slovenian way to independence and the role of Slovenian Christan Democrats in this democratic process.



For this occasion IJEK organized a Symposium for presentation of the book. The guests of the Symposium were the main authors of the book - Lojze Peterle, dr. Andrej Capuder, dr. Janez Dular, dr. Jože Osterc, dr. Peter Vencelj, Nace Polajnar, Ivo Jevnikar, and was led by dr. Rosvita Pesek, the well known journalist in Slovenia. In their debates they highlighted the most interesting thoughts of founding and building the Slovenian Christian Democrats, their role in the process of democratization of Slovenia, leading the government etc.


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