RCDS Council meeting, Berlin, 16-19 December 2010 Print E-mail
The Seminar on "Higher Education in times of crisis - European answers to current challenges" took place in Germany, Berlin, 16-19 December 2010 and was organised by RCDS (Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten) Germany in cooperation with EPP official student organisation European Democrat Students (EDS). 


The event gathered more than 50 young politicians and student leaders from 29 countries:

Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Cyprus, Austria, Finland, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria Greece, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, Bosina-Herzogovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Albania, Lebanon, Turkey and Spain.


The seminar included several lectures, workshops, informal discussions and 3 simultaneous working groups, focused on the topic of higher education in the time of financial crisis.  


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