Round-table conference on the Modernisation and European Integration in the Eastern Neighbourhood Print E-mail
Once a year the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation is hosting a round table conference on the development in Eastern Europe. In addition to Russia, the upcoming election in Belarus was up for debate during the 2010 meeting, as well as the developments in Ukraine.

Each autumn, high level politicians and analysts gather in Visby, Sweden, for a weekend of discussions about Eastern Europe. The discussions are informal and should not be quoted elsewhere. In this way, the participants benefit from an open and constructive climate of debate. The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt does not hesitate when asked what he appreciates with these yearly conferences: "It is the informal exchange of ideas between politicians and analysts," he claims.


"It's not only the sessions, but also the discussions during breaks and dinners" said the Swedish Ambassador to Warsaw Dag Hartelius. Many participants emphasize the importance of the network which has been built up during previous conferences.

At the 2010 conference, held in mid October, the EU Eastern partnership - that includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - was up for debate, as well as the developments in South Caucasus and Russia.


Among the participants were Mikhail Kasyanov, former prime minister and head of the People's Democrat Union and Boris Nemtsov, former deputy Prime Minister and heads of Solidarity, a citizens' movement combating corruption in the Russian society.

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