Women's Identity on the Path of Holy Elisabeth from Thuringia, Hungarian Women's Alliance, Sárospat Print E-mail

"From bread roses: from goodness beauty - this is the eternal female ideal. A Hungarian princess who lived this ideal which is urgently needed to every person and every age, perhaps more than anything else" - opened the conference Ékes Ilona, member of Hungarian Parliament. There was an international conference held about the topic of Women's Identity on the Path of Holy Elisabeth from Thuringia from 19th to 21st of May 2011 in Sárospatak with attendance of Hungarian and European politicians and NGO leaders. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness to the female presence in public life, the importance of equality for women. Participants drafted a report on female identity in 12 points.



The Twelve points on Femininity

1. Femininity is our innate value, our social power and the source of community.

2. Feminine validity is not a relative issue, men and women we must be united in social cooperation to re-establish women's dignity.

3. Our main perspective is the harmony between men and women, between families and the pursuit of peace in society.

4. Femininity is a complex life vocation, which can not be reduced to typical roles.

1. We must avoid stereotyping women, female life form and female characters.

5. The Christian-conservative femininity lived through a full presence in life is not a choice, but an integrative decision.

6. The public emphasis of the existence of "either-or" choices in female life could lead to failure and to the loss of a real community.

7. Child-acceptance, family and "career", as well as working for each other in a community, are enriching and accessible to everyone.

8. Feminine values need protection. This protection comes from the criteria of the fullness of Femininity, of social policy and of public communication.

9. Women's role in public life is very significant and at the same time is the source of missing values.

10. The emancipation of women and the equal access to different situations is the basis of social justice.

11. Female values such as integration, empathy, pursuit of harmony and acceptance should be strengthened in the cultural-community publicity.

12. Women's participation in public life is as important as the representation of female values such as cooperation, dialogue and mutual understanding.

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