About the programme


The Stagiaire Programme has the following purposes:

  • to introduce stagiaires to the thought and practice of European Christian Democracy
  • to enable stagiaires to observe the organisation and functioning of the parliamentary Group as the vehicle for European Christian Democrat policy aims
  • to enable stagiaires to gain an understanding of the European Parliament, and of parliamentary procedure, and its relationship with other European institutions
  • to brief stagaires on the status of their country in the process of European integration


The Stagiaire Programme sponsored by the Foundation has a duration of four weeks, three weeks in Brussels and one week in Strasbourg.

Stagiaires participating in both programmes receive a stipend of € 250 weekly. Accident and health insurance is provided for the duration of the stage.

Accommodation is provided in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Economy class and/or rail fares connected with the stage are reimbursed on proffering proof of cost.


A Stagiaire Programme was initiated by the Foundation in 1990 and took more structured form in 1995, following the previous informal programme. With the imminence of enlargement the Group is sponsoring a parallel stagaire programme for specialist policy advisers and party officials who are in the service of sister parties in the accession states. The Group programme has the same duration. It has the objective of familiarising specialist advisers with the policy issues and interests of member states in the acquis communautaire, especially issues which raise national and constituency difficulties for the Group's members.

The standard Programme comprises the following elements:

  • an introductory briefing by the Group Secretariat
  • a briefing on the functioning of the European Parliament by the information services of the European Parliament
  • a briefing by the Secretary General of the YEPP
  • observation of the Working Groups of the Group during the Group Meeting week, according to the policy interests of the stagiaire, as well as Group Meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg
  • observation of debates in plenary according to topics of interest to each stagiaire
  • attendance at parliamentary committee meetings according to the policy interest of each stagiaire
  • a briefing by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
  • informal exchanges with MEPs with an interest in the stagiaire's country, e.g. JPC parliamentary interlocutors, and with JPC committee directors
  • a briefing at the Committee of the Regions
  • a briefing by the Mission to the European Union of the stagiaire's country
  • meetings arranged by special request of the stagiaire

Stagiaires are also expected to show initiative in arranging meetings for themselves, within the time available in the pre-arranged programme, with MEPs and other organisations, coordinating their additional meetings with the Stagiaire Programme Office.