"Values of Christian Democracy"
On 13 September 2011 the book entitled "Values of Christian Democracy" written by Mr. Horst Langes, Honorary President of the Robert Schuman Foundation and Mr. Norbert Neuhaus was solemnly presented in Strasbourg.


The opening speeches were given by Mr. Joseph Daul, Chairman of the EPP Group and Mr. Jacques Santer, President of the Robert Schuman Foundation. 



"The book is dedicated to the Christian democrat ideas with its basic principles. It presents a wide range of topics and concepts - such as for example social market economy, tolerance and freedom of religion" opened Mr. Daul the book presentation. He later pointed out: "For our Group, it is a constant and permanent task, to make a policy that remains easily recognizable. It is equally important to rediscover this idea of man; based on the Christian conception".

In order to achieve political success, it is wiser and more useful to reflect on the question as to what actually constitutes the reality of man and society. And still more, what is the meaning and purpose of life? From this reflection on temporal and eternal realities one can reach an understanding that offers a useful guide for practical action and planning which should enable everyone to shape a politics that serves the genuine good of man.

Mr. Daul concluded: "I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone interested in learning more about Christian democracy in Europe".


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